Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs

Powered by Hydrogen

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, is among the cleanest and greenest fuels for powering cars. This is possible thanks to sophisticated fuel cell technology that can be applied in electric vehicles using compressed hydrogen gas. In a fuel cell, hydrogen reacts electrochemically to produce electricity to power the car. The only waste product is water vapor.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles have been on the market since 2014 and in California the infrastructure is expanding to help meet the state’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on the gas and oil industry for cars and trucks.

Relying on hydrogen, fuel cell electric vehicles create almost zero air pollutants and greatly reduce climate change emissions.

Hydrogen Stations

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership has a hydrogen station map that shows where you can fill up throughout California. Their website also has driver resources and useful information about how hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric cars are expanding Californian’s clean car options for the state.

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