Kicking Gas

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Jennifer Newman

June 26, 2019 Press Release
Veloz Launches Electric For All Campaign

Kicking Gas

Kicking Gas starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was the second Electric For All campaign powered by Veloz. The wildly successful electric vehicle awareness and education campaign launched in 2019 and featured the ever popular Howard Kleiner character played by former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The campaign videos were supplemented with paid social media placement on Facebook and Instagram; search placement on Google, YouTube and Bing; digital display banners and 37 billboards along major commuter arteries in Northern, Central and Southern California. Most significantly, Schwarzenegger amplified the creative content on his personal social media channels, allowing the campaign to tap into the massive Arnold fan base. With more than 16 million video views, Kicking Gas outpaced our expectations and has earned the “viral video” badge of honor.

Learn more and view metrics from the 2019 Kicking Gas campaign.

Campaign Metrics

224 Million total impressions image
16.4 Million video views image
328,000 visits to EFA image
73,000 automaker leads

Campaign Creative

Which Electric - Kicking Gas
You'll Be Back - Tall Image
Kicking Gas Outdoor Banner
Electric for All Logo
Electrico Para Todos Logo
Electric for All Banner

Video Samples

Contact us here to request access to the full Kicking Gas video.

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