How Can I Fill Up?

Charge, Refuel, Fill’er Up

Filling up your electric vehicle at a charging station or hydrogen fueling station is not that different from fueling up your gas car. Discover how to get your electric vehicle’s gauge on full.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Imagine never stopping at a gas station again, and instead, have an unlimited supply of fuel available at home or wherever you normally park. For many electric vehicle drivers, this is a reality. Battery-electric vehicles never need gas, and for short trips, plug-in hybrids might use no gas.

Electric vehicle charging is simple, cost-effective and convenient, particularly when you are plugged in at home—filling up your vehicle even while you’re asleep. How long it takes to charge depends on the charging equipment and the size of the vehicle’s battery and its available charging capacity.

Although electric vehicle drivers primarily charge at home, workplace and public chargers are increasingly available in communities nationwide.

Charging Stations

Find out more about your charging options for electric vehicles, including:.

  • Home Charging
  • Workplace Charging
  • Public Charging

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Fuel Cell Vehicle Charging

Filling Up Your Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Fuel cell electric vehicles typically go 300 miles or more on a full tank of hydrogen, with the ability to refuel in 3 to 5 minutes. Hydrogen fueling is no more complicated or time-consuming than filling a standard car with gas.

Most hydrogen fueling stations are located at existing gas stations, using dispensers that look very similar, but have a different nozzle and hose.

California has an increasing number of hydrogen stations with additional stations in development. While the network is expanding, current stations are primarily focused in core market areas and in strategic locations to enable statewide and vacation travel.

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