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Cortney Piper

Margaret Mohr, Veloz Communications Director

January 20, 2021, Electric For All launches “40 Million Reasons To Go Electric”.
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Introducing the new Electric For All public awareness campaign powered by Veloz

40 Million Reasons to Go Electric

Starring climate activist and Emmy award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet, Huron Mayor Rey Leon, Watts environmental justice leaders Mama Linda Cleveland and Jacquelyn Badejo, and Oakland, CA, activist artist Favianna Rodriguez, the new 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric campaign features an avante-garde, bright and vibrant animation paired with an original Californian take on neo soul-inspired music sung by the Barbadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer Ayoni.

Launched January 20, Electric For All third multi-stakeholder nonprofit campaign is the product of unprecedented collaboration and spotlights local and global superhero agents of change fighting for social, economic and environmental justice, celebrating California’s many cultures, and underscoring the reasons each and every Californian should go electric.

Visit the 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric campaign page and see the stories unfold in a long-form video and short form :15’s.  All assets posted are approved for media usage.  Please contact Cortney Piper for media interviews or Margaret Mohr for additional assets and releases.

See our superheroes fighting for electric for all.


40 Million Reasons to Share
and Go Electric!

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Kicking Gas Campaign

Kicking Gas, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was the second Electric For All campaign powered by Veloz.  This wildly successful campaign was launched in 2019 and featured the ever popular Howard Kleiner character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

June 26, 2019 Press Release Veloz launches Kicking Gas Campaign

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Opposites Attract Campaign

The first Electric For All campaign powered by Veloz was called Opposites Attract. The goal of the Opposites Attract campaign was to show people on opposite sides of the spectrum driving and loving their electric cars. The campaign objective was to raise awareness of electric cars through social, video and display ads. The target audience was in-market car shoppers and eco-friendly consumers as well as those in disadvantaged, low-income communities.

Learn more and view metrics from the 2018 Opposites Attract campaign.


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