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The Electric For All campaign powered by Veloz is putting the pedal to the metal for Governor Newsom’s executive order. “The electric car market represents a multi trillion-dollar opportunity for California to create new businesses and jobs, and move our state, nation and world to a cleaner, healthier, more equitable and prosperous future,” says Josh Boone Veloz Executive Director. “Our campaign aims to tap the superhero in everyone to get to the future faster.”

Launched January 20, the multi-stakeholder nonprofit campaign, “40 Million Reasons to Go Electric” is the product of unprecedented private and public sector collaboration. Superheroes Mark Ruffalo and Chloe Bennet and local superhero agents of change fight for social, economic and environmental justice, and celebrate California’s many cultures, and reasons each and every Californian should go electric. Watch the Superheroes and read their stories.

Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting this education and awareness campaign for electric vehicles and for their commitment to accelerating the electric car culture change.

Automakers/Original Equipment Manufacturers

Electricity Providers

Charging Network Providers and related Organizations


Nonprofit Organizations

Transportation Network Companies

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