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The Electric For All campaign is powered by Veloz. Veloz is a visionary nonprofit focused on accelerating the electric car movement through public awareness and education. Veloz works to fully realize the environmental and public health benefits of electric transportation and steer away from fossil fuels. Veloz powers the electric car movement with an innovative, compelling public message–“Electric For All.”

Whether you buy or lease, choose new or used, electric cars are a better way to drive. With incentives and perks, you benefit in real savings in time and money when you drive electric! When it comes to choosing a car right for you, and finding savings, driving electric is the better way to drive.

View the Electric For All campaign assets from the 2019 Kicking Gas campaign and the 2018 Opposites Attract campaign.


Veloz values racial equity, diversity and inclusion. Our membership and leadership reflect strongly-held principles around diversity of perspective, background and sector. We are committed to be an inclusive and transparent organization.

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