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How much did going electric really save you?

“Well, I have an electric car and I got a $7,500 federal tax credit and a $2,000 California rebate. Plus, I used to spend about $125/month on gas, but my electric bill only went up about $25 a month. So, I save another $1200 a year on gas. Plus, no oil changes and far fewer trips for service to the dealer. That saves a lot too.”

How was it going from gas to an electric car?

“Electric cars are a lot like regular cars, but they’re super quiet, they accelerate much faster and I just plug it in at night when I get home. Plus, the obvious, never stopping for gas.”

How is it finding charging stations when you’re on the road?

“There are more and more charging stations going in all over the place. Once you go electric, you start spotting them where you work, where you shop, at hotels, malls and along the routes you drive a lot. And you can always check one of the charging station maps on your smart phone if you’re taking a road trip.”

Why is going electric important to you?

“As a busy mom, convenience is important to me. I charge my electric car while I sleep or while I’m grocery shopping, and there are no more trips to the gas station. It lets me spend more time with my family and it also makes me feel good because my kids are breathing cleaner air.​”

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How is it driving and refueling your fuel cell electric car?

“Hydrogen-power gives me the range, performance and technology I need and the hydrogen I put in my fuel cell car is made in the USA. I like to be on the cutting edge of technology.”

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