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Shopping for a new car—especially an electric car—can be really exciting! It can also be a bit overwhelming since there is a lot to consider. You might be interested in a certain make or model. You may also be interested in which electric car has the best range and charging options for your driving needs. How much you’ll save on your next car is also important to consider in the buying process.

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With 46 different models available and many more on their way, now is the time to see which electric car is right for you!

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Price matters when shopping for a car. Electric cars come with all different types of incentives and rebates to help reduce the upfront costs of ownership or in your lease. Be sure to view our Incentives & Rebates listing and search by your California ZIP code to see what savings are available in your local area.

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Find your electric utility company to learn more about discounted electric car electricity rates, rebates and optimum charge times. Electricforall.org identifies electric utility companies for all California ZIP codes, as well as the top 25 cities (by population) and the top 25 electric utility companies (by residential customers) outside of California. View Coverage Beyond California.

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