Why Drive Electric?

It’s a Better Way to Drive

Driving electric is just fun! Plus, driving electric can save you money and time all while being much better for the environment.

Better for Your Health and the Environment

In full electric mode, an electric car produces zero tailpipe emissions, dramatically lowering smog and greenhouse gas emissions even when considering electricity generation.

Californians cumulatively drive more than a billion miles every day, producing more than 1,000 tons of smog-forming pollutants and more than 534,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly half of California’s smog-forming nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 36% of greenhouse gases come from cars and trucks. That makes your car a great place to start cleaning the air.

Health wise, about 93% of Californians live in areas that fail to meet health-based federal or state air quality standards, creating an increasing hazard to everyone.

California and the world are already seeing the impacts of climate change—rising sea levels, extreme weather, increased wildfires and more. Only by reducing emissions now can we avoid more substantial, disruptive and expensive future changes.

Family with Hybrid Vehicle

More in Every Mile

Nothing brings more to every mile than driving electric. Electric cars are fun and exciting to drive. They are more than just a way to get from here to there. They make the daily commute feel more like the daily joyride. They represent your style, your values, your experiences. And nothing brings more to every mile than driving electric.

Less is More

Less is more with incentives and perks. The cost to refuel an electric car can be a fraction of the cost of gasoline, plus save money with a federal tax credit up to $7,500, and a California rebate up to $5,000. Also, many electric utilities provide rebates, discounted electricity rates for charging your electric car and more. See if your electric utility offers incentives. Finally, you can save time by driving alone in the carpool lane.

Interested in buying an electric car, but need more information to make an informed decision? Hear what drivers are saying, search electric car makes and models and see all of the incentives and perks available in your area.

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